Welcome to the website of the believers who meet in Cyprus Road Gospel Hall, Faversham, Kent, U.K.

We gather together in an earnest attempt to carry out the teachings of the New Testament, recognising them to be the commandments of the Lord. We find that in the New Testament those who had repented of their sins and believed on the Lord Jesus met together in different localities as churches or assemblies, and this we seek to do.

We do not claim to fully carry out the will of God, but have a desire to do so.  We do not wish to be known by any denominational name, for that would be sectarian and divisive.  As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we are charged with the duty of endeavouring to “keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace”, Ephesians 4:3.  The unity for which the Lord Jesus prayed before He went to Calvary has been achieved, for the Holy Spirit came on the Day of Pentecost and formed the body of Christ, which is the church. So it is that the apostle Paul can write “there is one body”, Ephesians 4:4.  Anything that spoils that unity is to be avoided, and this we seek to do. You will find a summary of our beliefs under the heading “BELIEFS”.

All our meetings are public; we do not meet behind locked doors.  We have nothing to hide, and you are free to attend any of the meetings. You will find them listed under “MEETINGS”.

Directions to the gospel hall will be found under “DIRECTIONS”. 

When it comes to taking part in the meetings, (as distinct from simply attending to listen and observe), please be aware that only those who have been received into the fellowship of the local assembly are free to do so. This is particularly the case at the meeting for the Lord’s Supper, for the taking of the bread and wine is, amongst other things, an expression of fellowship, so it would not be meaningful for those not in fellowship to do this.  All others, although very welcome, will be asked to simply observe what we do.  We have a small leaflet which we give to those who are just observing the meeting, and this may be read by clicking on “LEAFLET”.  Further information on this subject can be found by clicking “ASSEMBLY FELLOWSHIP”.

Please be aware that the Scriptures require the sisters to wear a head-covering in the gatherings, and to be dressed in a manner which clearly distinguishes them from males.

We invariably use the Authorised (King James) Version of the Scriptures during the meetings, and would ask visitors to do the same.

If you are seeking God’s salvation, the Gospel Meeting is especially for you.  Nonetheless the Lord is able to speak to you at any of the meetings.  Your need of salvation is urgent, so do try to come to the next meeting there is.  Meanwhile, we suggest you read the article under “GOSPEL”. For more information about the way of salvation, please visit the website run by one of our members, at www.Christian-gospel.info


If you wish to make contact with us by e-mail please use martin_margaret3@yahoo.co.uk

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